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The First Timer in Quiapo Church

I promised to my mother that we will go to the Quiapo Church and we will visit the Luneta Park after my first hike at Mt. Mamara which is located at Tanay, Rizal. Unfortunately, on the day before our hike (July 08, 2016), the Municipality of Tanay announces that all mountains climbing and other outdoor activities, especially in the upland areas are temporarily suspended due to bad weather brought by typhoon Butchoy. To shift my mood from being disappointed, I told my mother that we can already attend the mass and she quickly agreed.

Second Sunday of July 2016. I woke at around 05:30 AM and prepared myself for this day. We rode in a jeepney bound to Blumentritt and descended in the area where the other jeepneys going to Quiapo stay and wait for its passengers. Before we can sit in the jeep, we need to pay first and asked for the white chips which serve as a ticket.

These two chips were given to us when we paid. These serve as a ticket to have a slot in the a jeepney.

It’s my first to attend the mass in Quiapo. What makes it more unique is I was with mother.

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