Poctoy White Beach: The Pride of Torrijos

Approximately 1 kilometer white sand beach with many coconut trees in the area that gives a gentle brush in the skin every time the wind blows.The sunlight brightens the calm and salty deep blue sea. The small waves were lazily moving up and down the shoreline.The beautiful sand castles close to the shoreline were being wash-away every time the waves strike. The sounds it produce send invitation “come and enjoy” to the people in and around the area.

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The people were relaxing and enjoying the majestic view of the Marinduque’s highest peak, the Mt. Malindig. It makes the beach even more awesome. It adds beauty to the place. Some people were sitting in the fine white sand beside the not so gigantic coconut trees with their shades on. Some people were laughing and playing cards with thier families under the cottage which is just few steps away from the sea.




With the Kayak, paddle, and life vest people can go a little further from the shallow part of the sea.


Costa El Bambu, a floating restaurant made of bamboo and has colorful cloth on either side is the newest attraction in the beach. It serves delicious breakfast, lunch and even dinner.



Poctoy White Beach is indeed a perfect place for a summer get away.


Ride a bus heading to Dalahican Port in Lucena. Purchase a ferry ticket going to Balanacan, Buyabod or Cawit Port. The travel time is roughly 3-4 hours. Once you’re in the port, ride a jeepney or van heading to Torrijos and ask the driver to drop you off at Brgy. Poctoy.

For more information visit the offical website of Torrijos, Marinduque click here.

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5 thoughts on “Poctoy White Beach: The Pride of Torrijos”

    1. Awesome. Thank you Sir Brick. That was so kind of you. People like you is such an inspiration to a beginner like me. It makes me excited to write again and pursue what I really want. Thank you.

      Angel (AngesNote)

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  1. Hi Angel,

    I’m planning on a Marinduqe trip this November and Poctoy white beach is part of my itinerary. Do you have information if there are places to spend the night and also food services? thank you.



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