RBY’S Steak and Shake

Me and my friend went to Maginhawa St. and look for RBY’S Steak and Shake. Prior going to Maginhawa, we already know where we will be eating since my friend already did search about a good place to eat.

RBY’S Steak and Shake was originally located near Xavierville for two years  but moved to Maginhawa St. last January of 2016.They satisfy customers cravings through the delicious and remarkable foods and drinks they offer that meet the highest standard in quality.Upon entering, it can be easily seen that the interior setting is a Western-Type. There are lots of sports memorabilia like Golf ball, baseball gloves, etc. The place isn’t that huge. It can accommodate 25-35 people. The ambiance is really simple and cool. The crews are friendly, attentive, approachable and professional. Our foods were served promptly.

FOOD: (What we have ordered)

Cheese Steaks

Philadelphia’s famous sandwich 

12.jpgGrilled thinly sliced rib eye steak with onions in Italian roll with cheese of your choice. The price varies on what kind of cheese you want. You can choose from Whiz, American or Provolone. Also, you can top it off with mushroom, Jalapeno, Bacon, Sweet Pepper or more cheese flavor. You just need to pay for additional. 

Steak Burger

Quarter pound lean steak burger patty served in a Kaiser bun with thick cut fries. They offer several kind of Steak Burger.

Phillies Burger

13.jpgJuicy Burger that hits a home run. Topped with cream cheese, onion cream dressing, lettuce and tomato. This is Php 170.


Salted Caramel Pretzel and Choco Smore

American style milkshakes. These shakes are 100%  ice cream. Php 175 each.


RYB’S Steak and Shake is a perfect place for dine  with family, friend and love ones. They are open everyday. You can check out their website for more information click here.




Credits: RBY’S Steak and Shake



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